2016 Annual Idaho ARES Fall SET: Scavenger Hunt on Oct. 15th


The Annual Idaho Fall SET will be October 15 from 1400 to 2100 Z.

Exercise Activity: Scavenger Hunt

In an actual emcomm event, pretty much all ARES operators will be part of a team/net. This exercise is intended to also be a TEAM event. Each county team should have one HF station to talk to the simulated Idaho EOC (in Latah County) and one or more mobile stations available to go scavenge information from the community.

Primary statewide operating frequencies:

HF Voice: 3929 or 7229
HF Digital: 3578.5 on the dial
Digital Modes:
PSK31 (500 on the waterfall)
RMS P2P and Winlink 2K

At the beginning of the exercise a list of approximately 20 information requests will be provided by the EOC. Each team should send mobile units out to gather the information and radio it back to the team HF station who will then forward the information to the EOC.

ALL COMMUNICATIONS SHOULD USE AMATEUR RADIO! Any band, any mode, can be used within the Teams, communications with the EOC should be on the freqs above. A point system will be developed to reward digital communications. Grand Prize for the highest point total will be Bragging Rights! Gold medallions would be better but would exceed our budget for the exercise (the budget is $0.00).

Get your Teams ready and come out to play in the ARES Scavenger Hunt!

More information will be made available as the exercise gets closer.

thanks and 73

bill ward
Idaho SAEC for SETs and Training
Latah County AEC

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