“Go Bag” Presentation from 2016 BCC Preparedness Expo

The first annual “Bonner County Citizens Preparedness Expo” at the Bonner County Fairgrounds was held as a free all-day workshop with talks, displays and vendors. The slides for the “Go Bag” talk are attached here, to provide the contents list, resource links and prime objective of Go Bag (which also goes by the names Jump Kit, Bug-out Bag, Get Home Bag, and 72-Hour Kit).

For the purpose of this talk, a Go Bag’s purpose is “to keep you effective and functioning immediately after crisis onset — the first 24 hours — and surviving for at least three days. This kit is to sustain YOU while you get to a safer place or wherever you need to be.”

Click the following link to download/open the PDF file:

icon_PDF_48x48.png   go-bag-preso-bccpe-2016-10-29.pdf


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